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DVD's are $4.00 each unless otherwise noted.
Shipping costs $2.50 per DVD, unless more than one are purchased (I can combine shipping to make it cheaper!)

Gravitation Volume 1, 2, 3 SOLD
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I would prefer to sell these as a set, but I can separate them too as well ^^
Great condition, watched once or twice. Volume 1 has a small tear in the cover on the paper part as seen in the picture. (It looks like vol 2 has the same, but it doesn't, it's just the flash) Other than that they're perfect.

Cowboy Bebop, Cowboy Bebop The Movie Session 1, Session 3, Movie
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Movie: Watched a few times, but the case, cd, and insert are all in excellent condition. No scratches.
Session 1: Everything is in excellent condition, the disk has a small dust mark, but it can be washed off. :)
Session 3: No scratches, everything is in excellent condition

Love Hina series and movies Spring Movie, Love Hina, Love Hina Again
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Love Hina Volume 1: Episodes 1-4. Excellent condition. Back of cover is a small poster. Small resedue from price tag on back but theres no scratches on the disk.
Love Hina Spring Movie: Back of cover is small poster. No Scratches on disk, and everything else is in excellent condition.
Love Hina Again: Has reversable cover, no scratches on disk.

Boogiepop Phantom Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 SOLD
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Vol 1: No scratches on disk
Vol 2: No scratches on disk
Vol 3: No scratches on disk
Vol 4: No scratches on disk

Escaflowne Volume 1, 2, and movie
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Escaflowne vol 1, 2: Both are in excellent condition and have only been watched once. There are no scratches on either disk.
Escaflowne movie: Watched once with no scratches on the disk.

Witch Hunter Robin, Ghost in the Shell vol.1, Wolf's Rain vol.1
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Witch Hunter Robin: Inquisition, episodes 11-14. Has reversable cover. No scratches on disk.

Evangelion vol.1, Final Fantasy Unlimited vol.1, Ranma 1/2 random rapsady, Chobits vol.1
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Evangelion vol.1: $5.00 Decent condition, bought second hand. No scratches on disk, but box is not in prestine condition.

Final Fantasy Unlimited vol.1 $5.00 Watched one episode once. xD No scratches, perfect condition.

Ranma 1/2: $5.00 Bought second hand, but there are no scratches on the disk. Case is in okay condition.SOLD

Chobits: $5.00 Bought second hand as well, but is in better condition than the others. Watched once, but is in good conditon.

Last Updated: January/2/2006

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