Please read first!

-Please read the rules here first before buying!-

Method of payment:
Paypal only please! Sorry, I just don't want to be responsible for lost money orders or cash. (Also, please no CC if possible)

Method of shipping+prices:
-You will have to pay the shipping. (I live in the U.S.)
-I will ship out the package according to the weight. (it will be either standard or priority mail)
-Although I would prefer to ship just within the US for simplicity's sake, I can also ship other places. If you interested in something and live in another country, you will have to add a bit more to the standard shipping cost.

-I am not responsable for items lost in the mail. Although, everything I send out will either be insured or have delivery conformation.

About holds and backing out of payment:
-I can hold items upon request, but for no more than three days.
-I don't really appreciate when someone backs out of buying something but if you really honestly can not buy the item, please e-mail me a.s.a.p. ^^

-I wouldn't really like to trade anything, as I need the money. :3 But I may be interested in any brand name lolita clothing. (Espically Baby the Stars Shine Bright) xD
-Prices are negotiable by a few dollars. I feel that most prices are fair. I can lower the price a few dollars too if you buy a few items together.

I can be reached at:
or here on LJ



-I want your feedback. If you bought anything from me, please leave information about your experiences here. Thank you!




DVD's are $4.00 each unless otherwise noted.
Shipping costs $2.50 per DVD, unless more than one are purchased (I can combine shipping to make it cheaper!)
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Last Updated: January/2/2006